Meditation Time

Meditieren lernen und gemeinsam wachsen

How can “Meditation Time” help me?


Overcoming your inner demons isn’t always easy. Meditation is pleasant and satisfying, but it also takes a lot of discipline and determination to concentrate on achieving undivided attention.

And that little man in your head isn’t of any assistance either. As soon as you’re sitting there, ready for your first meditation, he comes up telling you ”Uh- this meditation thing really bores me”, and “Why am I actually doing this?” and “Hey- what’s on TV tonight!?”.

In short: It is pretty easy to find reasons not to meditate. We need every support that we can get in order to motivate ourselves to practise every day. Sometimes we need a little help to overcome our doubts, master the obstacles and to inspire ourselves to continue.

The “Meditation Time App” helps you with your first and most important step: To set a fixed time frame for your meditations. In your mind, you promise yourself to devote the whole time, up to the last second, to developing your consciousness, relaxed but with a clearly focused mind.

Under “Teachings” you can find a short overview of the most important aspects of how to meditate. The website “” provides you with the possibility to share your experiences and to receive guidance and inspiration from fellow meditators.

I wish you courage, perseverance and relaxed serenity for your future mediations.

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