Meditation Time

Meditieren lernen und gemeinsam wachsen

Meditation Guide


You can work towards the condition of unintentional awareness by using one out of many meditation techniques. They are all not the actual goal of the meditation but merely helpers to train your attention and to keep your spirit awake.

As compliance to meditating it is helpful to wander through your body from top to bottom using full attention while consciously relaxing.

Remain at each of these points for a few seconds. Completely feel inside the particular location until it feels warm and soft:

  • Relax yourself from head to toes
  • Sit upright with loose hanging shoulders
  • Straighten up to your full size
  • Breathe in deeply and let all the tension flow out of you while exhaling
  • Feel your scalp from your hairline to the back of your head – let go of all tension
  • Feel your forehead – all smooth. The corners of your eyes are relaxed
  • The area around your nose is soft
  • Feel into the area between the tip of your nose and the upper lip
  • Feel your lips and the corners of your mouth – maybe there’s a very gently smile
  • Ease your oral cavity, your tongue is loose
  • Relax your cheeks and your pine, too
  • Feel your neck and let go of all strain
  • Your arms lie loosely in your lap
  • Sense the heat in your fingers
  • Your chest is wide and your breathing is calm
  • Experience how your abdominal wall rises and lowers with every breath you take – Be aware of every sensation that your breathingcreates inside your stomach
  • The region around your shoulder blades is soft

There are many mental contents that allow you to concentrate on, in order not to be ripped away by your thoughts. You can aim on your breathing, the airflow on the tip of your nose or on the resistance that is created by the base on which you’re meditating on.

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