Meditation Time

Meditieren lernen und gemeinsam wachsen

The Fruits of Meditation


If you’re trying to explain how good an apple tastes, you can find words for it. But these words will give the other person only a faint impression of how an apple really tastes. Meditation is like any other experience in life, much more comprehensive than one could ever explain with flowery terms.

Many of us are constantly pursuing happiness. We put a lot of effort into finding it by hoping and fearing at work, in relationships or other external things. When meditating for a while, we find that this happiness is not to be found in the outside world. It is rather a quality of consciousness that is accessible to everybody, at any time.

We don’t have to go anywhere, know anybody, know anything, nor buy anything – the state of happiness exists within every one of us already. This feeling of the “Home of the spirit” is such a new experience and so reassuring that we start to see things in a different light.

In Buddhist meditation practice, emphasis is placed on not resting until a perfect state of enlightenment has been achieved. An ultimate super-fruit, so to say, that never lessens nor shrivels, and that means the end of all suffering.

But the fruits of meditation are numerous. Often they are subtle, sometimes overwhelming, and they are accessible to all. For those who don’t want to follow the “ultimate goal,” here are a few medically verifiable effects of meditating:

  • Balance and inner peace help you to overcome fears, depression and insomnia.
  • Awareness and the ability to concentrate help you to deal with conditions causing chronic pain, diseases and disorders such as tinnitus.
  • The deeply relaxed state while meditating relieves psychosomatic problems, like headaches, gastrointestinal disorder or burn-out syndrome.

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